Top 5 reasons to book a stay at Senegambia Beach Hotel

Updated on Feb 03, 2023 by Ella Brundle

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Senegambia is in a fantastic location in the bustling resort of Kololi, it is a lively hotel with plenty to do! Here ae our expert's 5 reasons to book a stay.

From magnificent tropical gardens to a fun pool for children and a swim-up bar for adults – there are plenty of reasons to stay at Senegambia Beach Hotel.


1. You will have an authentic experience

The hotel oozes Gambian culture from the moment you step into the lobby; you'll notice Gambian décor and colours all around, with bright, tropical flowers and palm trees throughout the gardens. The staff are extremely friendly, and no doubt you'll experience the famous Gambian welcome and smiles!

2. The daily vulture feeding

The Hooded Vulture is a common sight in The Gambia, which is unique, as they are considered critically endangered globally, however, the population here is happy. Each day in the hotel’s garden, staff will feed the vultures, an amazing sight to witness as they swoop down to enjoy the offering. Once feeding time is over, the vultures often stay to soak up some sun and relax after a good feed, so you can continue to observe these fascinating creatures up close. You may even spot a few monkeys trying to get in on some free food!

3. The fantastic location

As the hotel is located in the heart of Kololi, you are directly next to the abundance of bars and restaurants on the main strip, where there is an array of cuisine and plenty of places to enjoy a refreshing drink. There is a traditional craft market and a large taxi rank available to take you further afield should you wish, however, everything you will need is right on your doorstep! But don’t worry, once you step through the hotel doors, you enter a peaceful haven away from the hustle and bustle of the resort.


4. Choice of pools

The hotel boasts two great pools, one is located by the beach, where you can enjoy lively music and even organised games. However, for those who would like a tranquil afternoon by the water’s edge, there is a second pool nestled in the stunning tropical gardens. Both pools have a bar and restaurant, making them the ideal place to spend the day for utter relaxation.

5. It is a perfect hotel for families.

During the winter months, there are a whole host of activities catering to adults, children and even teenagers. The hotel’s resident ornithologist is on hand to take guests on guided tours of the magnificent grounds to spot birdlife that call them home. There are tennis courts available to play on as well as volleyball and table tennis. During the evenings, there is a wide range of varied entertainment, great to watch whilst enjoying your meal or evening drink.

Book your stay at Senegambia Beach Hotel today!

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