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Found upriver in the northern region of The Gambia, Morgan Kunda Lodges are a non-profit organisation offering superb opportunities for visitors to explore the local wildlife and more.

You can embark on a birding trip with Malick Suso for two to five-night trips, when staying for four nights or more you will have the fantastic opportunity to stay overnight at The Morgan Kunda Lodges.

Above: Morgan Kunda Lodges. 

Morgan Kunda Lodges aim to create sustainability, supporting the lives and well-being of local people through the Morgan Clark Foundation. Since 2009, the foundation has raised funds to build and continue to run the local village school providing education for children and supporting a maternity project called Delivering Hope for local women. The staff at Morgan Kunda Lodges are proud to be able to welcome tourists to their exclusive accommodation in Jarjari Village. 

We highly recommend you consider a visit to these lodges. From making friends with the locals to enjoying the fantastic birdwatching opportunities here, you could visit for the day or even stay a couple of nights to get the most out of your experience upriver, in The Gambia. 

Above: Black egret, image credit: Chris Packham 

Phil Morgan, the founder of Morgan Kunda Lodges and the Morgan Clark Foundation gives his top 10 reasons why you should consider visiting these lodges when in The Gambia.

  1. Travel into the heart of the country and be amongst the first to experience the hidden Gambia, enter the mangroves and the Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve, a beautiful place to stay. 
  2. If you like birdwatching, expect to see the rare Egyptian Plover, Martial Eagle and the White-Crested Tiger Bittern.
  3. Take a bird tour with one of the top guides, Solomon Jallow, Karanta Camara or Malick Suso. Read more about Malick and his expert knowledge here.
  4. From the Lodges, you can enjoy day trips to other nature reserves and the historic Wassu Stone Circles.
  5. Why not take a tour over to Senegal for birdwatching or other safari wildlife? Explore holidays and excursions on offer to Senegal through The Gambia Experience
  6. The lodges offer a birdwatching platform to enjoy evenings overlooking the Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve.
  7. Experience the delights of both local Gambian and European cuisine.
  8. The local people are very friendly and will welcome you with open arms to their village, known as Jarjari village in the Northern Region.
  9. The lodges support responsible tourism, attend the Rutland Birdfair and launched into The Times newspaper in June 2018.
  10. The lodges are also a unique place to stay, with all funds going towards The Morgan Clark Foundation charity, giving children access to education and supporting an ongoing maternity healthcare project, Delivering Hope. 


Above: Scarlet-chested sunbird, image credit: Dave Montreuil | Shutterstock 

Above: Red-billed fire finch, image credit: Chris Packham

Find out more about birdwatching in The Gambia here,

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