Make the most of Easter with a holiday to The Gambia

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Enjoy your Easter by jetting-off to The Gambia, all the while ensuring you don't use up all your work leave thanks to those wonderful bank holidays!

An Easter holiday to The Gambia is a very tempting proposition and an extremely rewarding and convenient time to visit this stunning country on the coast of West Africa. Beyond the alluring features discovered and enjoyed in the country itself, holidaying in the Easter period presents a tempting prospect of its own.

Due to the falling of two bank holidays either side of the Easter weekend, heading to The Gambia across this period will ensure that you use up minimal leave from work. In fact, it is possible to enjoy a seven-night stay in The Gambia while only using up four days of leave, when departing from Gatwick Airport on April 11th 2017.

A giraffe at Fathala Wildlife Reserve in neighbouring Senegal

Cape Point Beach


The bank holidays for 2017 fall on Friday 14th April and Monday 18th April, while May bank holiday on the 1st of the month also presents an opportunity to save some work leave while on holiday in The Gambia.

Our departure dates from Gatwick Airport make it easy to incorporate the Easter period into your Gambia holiday plans, with departures throughout April on the 7th, 11th, 14th, 18th, 21st, 25th and 28th of the month. Your holiday choice is just as diverse as the date of departure, with everything from seven-night to two-week holidays available to book, while you can enjoy a great range of accommodation options, from 3-grade hotels to luxurious resorts.


Tanji Fishing Village

A crocodile at Kachikally Crocodile Pool


Where to stay in The Gambia during Easter


We have a remarkable range of accommodation across The Gambia that customers can choose from when booking their Easter holiday. Whether you want to enjoy a mesmerising beachfront location, an all-inclusive escape, or perhaps an add-on in a wildlife-rich area of natural beauty, you'll find everything and more across our fantastic accommodation collection. Here are some of our top suggestions:


Kombo Beach Hotel

A wonderful 3.5 Grade hotel enjoying a superb location right beside the beach in Kotu, holiday-makers who book a stay at Kombo Beach Hotel will enjoy fantastic food from a top range of eateries, impeccable and friendly service, and a great choice of daytime and evening activities.

Find out more about Kombo Beach Hotel here.


Sunbeach Hotel

Reopened for Winter 2016 after an extensive renovation project, Sunbeach Hotel has been relaunched as a fantastic all-inclusive hotel, offering a great range of facilities, rooms and cuisine right on the beach in Cape Point.

Find out more about Sunbeach Hotel here.


Mandina Lodges

There's nowhere quite like Mandina Lodges, hidden away in the African bush on the mangroves that grow around the tributaries of the River Gambia. Enjoy tranquil beauty in one of the country's most scenic and wildlife-active locations, all the while having the option for little doses of luxury in the shape of Mandina's inviting pool and unmatched service.

A popular way to experience Mandina is to stay here as a three-night add-on to your holiday, meaning you can combine it with one of our beachfront hotels.

Find out more about Mandina Lodges here.


Fathala Wildlife Reserve

Did you know you can also visit and stay in Senegal as an add-on to your Gambia holiday? Fathala Wildlife Reserve is one of the most popular places that our customers like to visit in Senegal, a 2,000 hectare reserve which is home to the likes of rhino, giraffes and zebras. You can go out spotting these beautiful animals in-between enjoying your luxurious safari tent.

Find out more about Fathala Wildlife Reserve.


Find out more about what you can expect from a holiday to The Gambia by paying a visit to our dedicated Gamibia Guide page, sharing in-depth information about the country, from its climate to its food.


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