Solar Power comes to Kiang Manduar village in The Gambia

Updated on Jan 09, 2020 by Kathryn Burrington

Blog > Solar Power comes to Kiang Manduar village in The Gambia

Today we are delighted to share with you some photos from Kiang Manduar village in the Lower River Region, the latest village to benefit from solar powered lighting via our Community Development Fund.

Our Gambia Resort Representatives Dadi, LT, Karamo, Jatta and Wally all went along to the village to see the 40 solar powered lights being presented to the Village ZonLight Committee. It was a great chance for them to see first-hand how much benefit these lights can bring. Not only are they safer than candles, they are also cheaper. You can read more about the Community Development Fund and the benefits of solar powered lights on our website.

On behalf of Kiang Manduar and The Gambia Experience, thank you to everyone who has supported this valuable initiative to bring safe, healthy and cost-effective lighting to The Gambia, and to ComAfrique-Inversol Initiative, the organisation behind the scenes making this possible.

Kiang Manduar is the sixth village to benefit from solar power lighting thanks to the guests, staff and supporters of The Gambia Experience.


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