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Considering a family holiday to The Gambia? Here's why we think it's a great choice...

If you’re looking to experience a family holiday which is a little different to your usual pick, then The Gambia could be an ideal destination that’s not worlds away. With wonderfully warm temperatures and lots of wildlife to discover, experience the plush, green landscape that inhabits The Gambia during the hot summer months. So you can see why we love it here so much at this time of year, here are our top five reasons why we think a Gambia summer holiday is perfect for families...

Top 5 reasons for taking your family to The Gambia this summer

Reason #1 - Reduction in APD taxes for children

Changes to air passenger duty (APD) means that children up to and including the age of 15 are now exempt from paying these taxes. This means an extra saving of £73 per child – what’s not to love about that? 

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Reason #2 - The wildlife

Wildlife in The Gambia is truly beautiful, and over the summer months, you’ll find an array of vibrant colourful birds to watch, perfect for any twitchers in the family. There’s a variety of monkeys and even crocodiles to visit, so it’s a great experience for you and your children to learn about the different animals found in this part of Africa. How about going to watch the vultures being fed at the Senegambia hotel? 

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Reason #3 - The activities and beautiful landscapes

The Gambia adopts a beautifully green landscape during the summer months, due to rains which begin around June (that said, the rainfall tends to happen overnight, leaving behind wonderful sunny days). But whether rain or shine, the summer season is a great time to get out and about and experience even more of what The Gambia has to offer:

You and your family can learn how to cook authentic Gambian cuisine with Ida’s home cooking course. You will all go to the local market to choose your ingredients together and then head back to Ida’s home, change into traditional Gambian clothing and get cooking! 

You could spend the day on the Lazy Day Cruise, exploring the tributaries of the River Gambia and looking for aquatic wildlife along the way. The whole family can have a go at fishing, and then enjoy a tasty afternoon tea. 

You can also explore Gambia on the four wheel drive excursion, which is great fun for all the family. This is an opportunity for you and your children to learn all about the culture and Gambian way of life, by visiting local fishing villages and also spending some time in a local school. The children love having visitors and it’s a great experience for your children to see how different schooling can be in The Gambia. You’ll also stop at the Tanji museum, offering more culture learnings before heading back to the hotel.


Reason #4 - The Mediterranean is likely to be busy 

The Mediterranean has always been popular with tourists, and this year is unlikely to be any different. By spending your family holiday in The Gambia, you can avoid the likely crowds of other destinations, with more time to relax and lots of space to choose from on the beautiful beaches or round the hotel pool.  

Above: Kotu Beach 


Reason #5 - It’s something different for the whole family

Perhaps saving the best reason until last, it’s safe to say that a holiday in The Gambia is a wonderful and enriching experience for all. With tasty and aromatic Gambian cuisine on offer including lots of fresh fish, juices, meats and vegetables, as well as African drumming, singing and Gambian dancing, it’s a real delight for all the senses. 


With lots to offer and so much to learn, The Gambia is a wonderful summer holiday destination for all family members, and once you’ve experienced their relaxed culture and way of life, we’re confident that one visit won’t be enough.

“Our Gambia Experience will have a lasting memory for my family and I. The warmth of the country was equally matched by the warm welcome we received wherever we visited.” – The Warringer family.

Click here to book your family summer holiday to The Gambia. 

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