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Latest Articles

Make the most of Easter with a holiday to The Gambia

Enjoy your Easter by jetting-off to The Gambia, all the while ensuring you don't use up all your work leave thanks to those wonderful bank holidays!
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The Djembe, the rhythm of West Africa

One reason I enjoy visiting The Gambia so much is the vibrant musical tradition found there. Most significant, for me at least, is the rhythm of the djembes.
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The 'Smiling Coast' enters a new dawn

Louise, our PR Executive, shares why there has never been a better time to visit The Gambia, known affectionately as the Smiling Coast of Africa.
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5 authentic experiences to enjoy in The Gambia

Seek to experience the real character and identity of The Gambia during your holiday by engaging with the authentic side of the country.
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Favourite photos from over 10 years of visiting The Gambia

Kathryn, from our Marketing Department, takes a nostalgic look through some of her favourite photographs from over 10 years of visiting The Gambia.
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Top 10 reasons why we fell in love with The Gambia

Here we describe just a handful of reasons why we fell head over heels for The Gambia and its people.
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