How do I get around?

Despite having a fairly rudimentary, if steadily improving, road system and little in the way of public transport, The Gambia is a very easy country to navigate; and providing you have a strong will and plenty of patience you can get pretty much anywhere.

There is a good asphalt road from the airport to the hotel areas, which is partially lit; however it must be stressed that good road surfaces, traffic and direction signs are still not common, however this is set to improve in the future with a plan for more asphalted surfaces and a greater emphasis on signage.

Most hotels have a taxi rank nearby. It is best to agree the price in advance and there should be a price board displaying the tariffs. Although taxis are regulated, many wouldn't pass a UK MOT test.

There is no railway and the only public transport are Bush Taxis which cover the main routes and some bush roads, but do not run to a schedule. They are cheap and very over-crowded but are a great way of absorbing the local flavour. 2008 saw the reintroduction of a public bus service with routes operating in the greater Banjul region, from Banjul, Brikama and Kartong. The service will expand up country with the development of new roads. Car hire is available but it is expensive and not recommended.