Imagine waking in a four-poster bed in a lodge floating on the River Gambia, with the soft hum of the African bush as the soundtrack for the coming day; or witnessing chimps in the wild on an island in the River Gambia National Park; perhaps dining on locally grown food overlooking a watering hole as a rhino drinks its fill...



What is our 'Unique Collection'?

Each of our unique properties is exclusive to us and they offer a range of options from relaxed indulgence to very individual style and exceptional service. They also offer the opportunity to venture beyond the usual tourist resorts and experience more of this wonderful country, its people and its wildlife.

Aerial View of Hotel

Peace and tranquillity...

Sometimes all you need is total relaxation - to switch off, leave the world behind you and let someone else take the strain. Our unique properties, with their emphasis on serenity and individuality are the perfect antidote to our hectic lives. 

Relaxation on Waterhouse deck, Chimp Rehabilitation Project Camp

Experience wildlife in style...

At Chimp Camp you can venture upriver and see the apes in their natural environment; at Fathala Wildlife Reserve, relax in your luxury safari tent and hear the hum of the African bush; and in your riverside lodge at Mandina Lodges, awaken to the glory of an exquisite dawn chorus. Or why not combine all 3 on our Wildlife of The Gambia and Senegal tour?

A magical atmosphere at Mandina Lodges


We're convinced that a stay at one of our unique properties, or combining a stay at two or more in a tailor-made break, will give you a true holiday of a lifetime. Come and experience The Gambia with us; it's the stuff that dreams are made of...

Unique Accommodation

Unique Accommodation

Two-storey Stilted Lodge at Mandina

Mandina Lodges

There is simply nothing quite like Mandina. Hidden away in the African bush on a mangrove-lined tributary of the River Gambia, with a unique combination of river and jungle lodges, it truly has its own special atmosphere - one that gradually works its way into you over the course of your stay...

Mandina Lodges


Keur Saloum

The Keur Saloum Hotel sits in a fantastic position perched above the stunning rivers of the Sine Saloum Delta, in Toubakouta in the Sine Saloum South region of Senegal, which meander into the distance in each direction. Unsurprisingly, the highlight for many at this hotel is the panoramic terrace that allows guests to relax in comfortable chairs or hammocks and take full advantage of these amazing views, with the sun setting over the mangroves beyond.

Keur Saloum

Chimp living on Baboon Islands at Chimp Rehabilitation Project camp

Chimp Rehabilitation Project

A fascinating four hour journey upriver brings you to your beautiful camp. From here, overlooking the river and series of small islands that the chimps now call home, you can watch hippos and see the chimps in their natural environment. This is a different side to The Gambia and truly an experience of a lifetime.

Chimp Rehabilitation Project

Sun loungers at Tanji Bird Reserve Eco-Lodge

Tanji Bird Reserve Eco-Lodge

Set in the heart of the unbelievably bird-rich Tanji Bird Reserve looking across to Tanji shore and a beautiful stretch of coastline, the simple Tanji Eco-Lodge is a unique community-run property and a real paradise for birdwatching enthusiasts.

Tanji Bird Reserve Eco-Lodge

Cap Skirring Beach

La Paillote Village Hotel

This family-run property has long been popular on the French and Belgian markets, and it is easy to see why.  As well as the warm welcome that you will receive from owners Françoise and Christian Jacquot who's family have lovingly developed the property over the last 40 years, it enjoys a sought-after beachfront location half way along the palm-fringed wide expanse of white sands to be found along the coast of French-speaking Casamance.​

La Paillote Village Hotel

Domaine Les Paletuviers

Domaine Les Paletuviers

The Domaine Les Paletuviers Hotel is located in a quiet and tranquil area in Toubakouta in the Sine Saloum South region of Senegal, next to a saltwater bolong and is an ideal place to relax and unwind or to use as a base to explore the surrounding region.

Domaine Les Paletuviers

Fathala Wildlife Reserve

Fathala Wildlife Reserve

The 2,000 hectare Fathala Wildlife Reserve, is located within a 10,000 hectare national reserve near Karang in the Sine Saloum South region of Senegal, near the border between The Gambia and Senegal, is like a glimpse into West Africa’s past, a past where large animals roam free, where rhino, giraffes, giant derby eland, buffalo, warthogs, vervet and colobus monkeys are a regular part of the landscape. At Fathala, you can see all this and more, and make the most of some quietly luxurious accommodation and superior service.

Fathala Wildlife Reserve

Our favourite tailor-made holidays...

Boutique & Unique Romantic Escape

4 nights HB at Mandina Lodges and 3 nights B&B at Ngala Lodge 
Perfect for couples looking for a romantic holiday, spend 4 nights at the unique Mandina Lodges, experiencing birdlife with wonderful guides and the peace of its river location. This is followed by 3 nights relaxing at the boutique Ngala Lodge, an adults-only hotel which is renowned for excellent cuisine, personal service and peaceful surroundings. 

Experience The Gambia & Senegal

7 nights B&B at boutique White Horse Residence (The Gambia), 4 nights BB at unique La Paillote Hotel (Cap Skirring, Senegal) 
Enjoy a week of friendly relaxation in a stunning setting overlooking a deserted beach before travelling south into neighbouring Senegal for a week on a palm-fringed beach, enjoying French cuisine and a taste of a different culture - of course with the West African traditional friendly welcome.

Wildlife of The Gambia and Senegal Tour

3 nights HB at Mandina, 2 nights FB at Chimp Camp, 2 nights BB at Fathala.
If you’re looking for a holiday to escape everyday life and truly appreciate the wildlife of the region, this could be the perfect holiday for you. 3 nights relaxing in style at Mandina Lodges followed by a journey upriver to see the remarkable Chimp Camp on the River Gambia and finally a chance to spot rhino, buffalo and giraffe whilst staying in luxury safari tents in Senegal.




The holiday as usual from start to finish was wonderful. Lovely people, hotels and service.

Mrs Platt – Guest - Mandina Lodges