Although inoculations are not compulsory for entry from the EU, certain medication, including anti-malarial tablets, yellow fever, hepatitis and typhoid vaccinations will be recommended. A yellow fever vaccination certificate is not required for entry into The Gambia but it will need to be shown when passing between The Gambia and Senegal. Please ensure you consult your GP or health clinic prior to travel, who will advise on recommended inoculations and prescribe anti-malarial drugs (these are also available elsewhere, please see below). Children and pregnant women may require special vaccination procedures.

We advise that you take medicines to treat dehydration, small ailments, stomach upsets, insect bites and cuts, along with mosquito repellent and high factor sun creams.

Sexually transmitted diseases (including AIDS) are a serious threat to health throughout the world. Please exercise caution when on holiday. Up to date advice can also be found from the World Health Organisation at and the Department of Health leaflet (Ref T7.1) 'Health Advice to Travellers' is available from your GP, travel agent or can be downloaded at

A list of medication you could take with you:

  • Anti-malaria medication
  • Dioralyte/rehydration salts
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Mosquito repellent
  • High factor sun creams
  • Cream for insect bites


The Gambia is just one of many countries where the risk of contracting malaria is very real but this is an avoidable illness provided adequate precautions are taken. Before booking your holiday, we strongly suggest you seek the advice of your GP who will prescribe appropriate anti-malarial medication. It is also advisable to use an effective insect repellent to avoid being bitten and to continue taking the tablets throughout your stay and after your return to the UK. For more information on malaria and other health risks visit the Fit For Travel NHS website. 

We strongly recommend you consult your doctor before booking.

You can order your malaria medication online direct from Lloyds Pharmacy for same day in-pharmacy pickup or next day home delivery. They will make an 8% donation to our Gambian Community Development Fund for every purchase made.