How much do things cost?

Holidays in The Gambia are very competitively priced compared to other destinations.

Sitting outside of the Eurozone, The Gambia is unaffected by any movements of sterling against the Euro. The Dalasi exchange rate is currently around D67/£1 (correct as of March 2021). Value for money is excellent in resort areas when eating out or purchasing local handicrafts.

Simon Galloway

Here are some examples of the sorts of prices you can expect to pay for typical holiday items (updated March 2021): 

  • A regular cup of coffee in a cafe or bar: D40 (around 60p)
  • Local beer in local bar - Anything from D80-D120 (around £1.20 - £1.80). Hotels D120 - D180 (around £1.80 - £2.70). Please note that Julbrew is no longer brewed in The Gambia but imported from Senegal so pricing may vary.
  • A glass of house wine in a cafe or bar: D150-D175 (around £2.20-£2.60)
  • Soft drinks / can of coke  D50-D75 (around 75p-£1.10)  *supermarkets D22-D45 (around 35p-70p)
  • Diet coke - more expensive D75 - D240 plus (around £1.10-£3.55)
  • A 1.5litre bottle of mineral water from a supermarket: Local D25-D30 (around 38p-45p) Imported D52-D60 (around 77p-90p)
  • Fresh fruit juices D100-D250 (aound £1.48-£3.71)
  • A three course meal for two adults: D2000 (around £35) *not including drinks
  • For a quick and easy meal, pizzas range between D325 for a small pizza to D550 for a large pizza (around £4.90 for a small - £8.30 for a large) and fish in foil is around D450 (around £6.80)