Education in The Gambia

Nursery school education is becoming more popular, though not compulsory with some children going straight into state school at the age of seven.

Education from the age of seven is often free but it is the parents' responsibility to provide materials such as pens and pencils. Attendance is not compulsory and that is why you will see lots of children that should be in school. Recently there has been more children going to school so we would kindly ask you not to encourage skipping school by giving the children gifts or money.

Jeddah Progress Nursery School

For higher education competition is high as there are always more applicants than places at the grammar school. The exam system is similar to that in the UK, but those who wish to attain a degree must either look for a scholarship overseas or pursue a degree locally at the University of The Gambia.

If you decide to take any books, pens or other school materials, we recommend you speak to our staff locally who will be happy to advise on distribution of the gifts or will put you in touch with the school heads. Alternatively, you can sponsor a child through school.