The Cape Verde islands are a crescent shaped archipelago 500km west of Senegal in the Atlantic Ocean. They have their own uniquely diverse culture, their own strong sense of history and belonging that is at once very African yet apart, inimitable. The islands also boast some of the finest beaches anywhere in the world, some top class accommodation and a culture fit to burst with warmth and vibrancy, get in quick before the rest of the world finds out...

The Cape Verde Experience



Introducing the Cape Verde Islands

Walkway to Santa Maria Beach

About Cape Verde

10 islands, waiting to be discovered... The astonishing beaches of Sal and Boa Vista, jaw-dropping mountain scenery on Santa Antão, Fogo with its own still-active volcano, the cultural epicentre of Mindelo on São Vicente with its throbbing music scene, not to mention the remote beauty of Maio and Brava...


Pool at Iberostar Club Boa Vista

Cape Verde Holidays

You might be after a relaxing week in the sun - laying on the beach or by the pool with a cool drink to hand; or perhaps you're after something more adventurous, like a two week island hopping trip, taking in the scenery of Santa Antão, or the the culture of Mindelo. Cape Verde genuinely has something for everyone.

Cape Verde Holidays

Fogo - Volcano Crater

Travel Information

We’ve put together a definitive online guide to provide you with all the information you will need to prepare for your holiday to Cape Verde.

Cape Verde Travel Information


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This was our first trip to Cape Verde islands & we will go again. Local people very friendly and helpful & beaches absolutely stunning.

Mrs Lord – Guest Marine Club