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The Gambia may not be a well known destination to soak up some winter sun, however, it is the ideal place to go escape the colder British climates during the winter months.

When you think of the best places for winter sun, you tend to think of destinations further afield like the Caribbean or Mexico, both of which require a nine/10-hour flight at the start and end of your holiday. Whilst being on the plane is all part of the excitement of going on holiday, longer flights can be tiring, and the jet lag can affect the first couple of days of your holiday. Needless to say, when your holiday comes to an end, all you want to do is get home, and having to sit on a long-haul flight can add to the tiredness and jet lag you might experience when you land back in the UK. 

The Gambia, on the other hand, has long been a British favourite for winter sun holidays. Although less well known than some winter destinations, with its beautiful sandy beaches and fantastic weather, it is certainly the perfect solution to the issues already highlighted and many more, making The Gambia the best place for winter sun.

South Kotu Beach

The Gambia is a very small and narrow West African country, with the border based on the Gambia River and a small coastline to the Atlantic Ocean. From the UK, it only requires around a six-hour flight, with no time difference in the winter and merely one hour in the summer, making jet lag non-existent all year round. This country has two distinct seasons; 
October to mid-June sees the dry season with temperatures ranging between 31°C and 34°C, making it hotter and dryer than any other holiday destination typically visited during the winter and spring months, including the Caribbean with its high humidity every season and tropical rain.

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Between the end of June and September, the temperatures don’t drop below 29°C, and whilst June marks the start of any rain and as a result kicks off the green season, the weather remains warm and still allows you to enjoy everything this beautiful country has to offer. 

With many of the world's most popular beach holiday destinations experiencing far lower average temperatures than the coast of West Africa, The Gambia makes for the ideal destination to escape the uncertainty of British weather and bask in the sunshine all year round. Even destinations closer to home like the Canary Islands, Egypt or Turkey see much lower temperatures and are typically much windier all year round. 

Whatever time of year you are looking at for your next holiday, with its high temperatures, its wonderful people, culture, wildlife and beautiful scenery, The Gambia is perfect for sun worshipers looking to relax on a sun lounger or get active exploring. With its circa six-hour flight and lack of time difference, this country is an ideal winter holiday destination right at your fingertips.

To start planning your next winter holiday to The Gambia today and explore the extensive range of hotels on offer, click here.

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