Birds of The Gambia, in pictures

Updated on Mar 31, 2020 by Stacey Parsons

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There are so many amazing bird species to be seen in The Gambia, here's some of our favourites...

A Pied Kingfisher spotted at Calypso Beach Bar, Cape Point. 

Hooded Vultures waiting to be fed at Senegambia Hotel. 

Yellow-billed Storks 

Spur-winged Plover in Kotu 

Giant Kingfisher 

Red-billed Firefinch. Image credit: Trevor Carpenter. 

Abyssinian Roller. Image credit: Trevor Carpenter. 

African Jacana. Image credit: Megan McCubbin. 

Long-tailed Nightjar. Image credit: Chris Packham. 


If you're interested in birding in The Gambia, be sure to look out for next week's blog post, about meeting us at the Rutland Bird Fair! Alternatively, take a look at our birdwatching holidays with Chris Packham. 


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