5 wildlife experiences to enjoy in The Gambia

Updated on Jun 10, 2020 by Alastair McClymont

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Get up, close and personal with the diverse and fascinating wildlife of The Gambia.

The wildlife of The Gambia forms one of the most memorable elements of any trip to the country, offering endless unforgettable encounter opportunities, whether in the grounds of your hotel or in the realms of a sprawling nature reserve.

One of the best ways to spot some of The Gambia's most famous species is to embark on one of our specialist wildlife tours and encounters, though others may prefer to go DIY and plan their own wildlife trips. Whichever way you choose to discover the country's beautiful and intriguing inhabitants, here are five Gambian wildlife experiences to keep in mind.


Birdwatching around Mandina Lodges

Hidden away in the beautiful African bush along a tributary of the River Gambia, Mandina Lodges is set within the heart of nature, and quite often you'll find that during a stay here, nature will in fact come to find you.

Besides the several baboons and other monkeys that roam freely around Mandina, the birdlife discovered out on the water is incredible. An early morning canoe ride is a great way of catching the area's birdlife at its most active, and you can expect to see an abundance of kingfishers, herons and weaver birds, amongst many other species.


Stay at the Chimp Rehabilitation Project

A stay at or visit to the Chimp Rehabilitation Project is arguably one of the most rewarding wildlife experiences in the country.

The project was established in 1979 and is discovered around four and a half hours inland within the River Gambia National Park, with lodging found in the form of comfortable safari tents.

The chimps are viewed via the regular boat trips that run around the islands that the chimps reside on, while further wildlife experiences can be enjoyed in the form of majestic birdlife and several other monkey species who find their habitat here.


Encounter crocs at Kachikally Crocodile Pool

The Kachikally Crocodile Pool is one of The Gambia's most famous tourist attractions, which comes as no surprise when you learn that the pool is home to up to 100 crocodiles, many of which are regularly on show for photography opportunities.

You can expect to encounter a number of crocs basking on the bank in the sunshine, perhaps even the famous Charlie, who measures a whopping two metres long!


Spot hippos in the River Gambia

Our Hippo Tour to Janjanbureh presents another fantastic opportunity to spot and learn about some of The Gambia's most incredible inhabitants, and what better way than on a relaxing River Gambia cruise?

During this tour, which requires a fairly long but picturesque journey inland, visitors can also expect to spot crocodiles, baboons and an endless stream of colourful birds.


Wildlife of The Gambia and Senegal tour

Booked as a stand-alone package or extended by adding a few days at either end in a beachside hotel of your choice, our Wildlife of The Gambia and Senegal tour presents an African safari adventure.

The primary focus of the tour is Senegal's Fathala Wildlife Reserve which comprises 2,000 acres of bush, punctuated by a variety of African species including giraffe, rhino, zebra, antelope and buffalo.


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