Kayaking at Tanji Bird Reserve

Updated on Oct 08, 2018 by Stacey Parsons

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Explore the waterways at Tanji Bird Reserve aboard a kayak or canoe, spotting numerous bird species as you go.

Switch the ocean waves for the flowing river tributaries and explore The Gambia away from the beach... 


Tanji Bird Reserve is a fantastic place to go if you're in search of some of the destination's 540+ species of bird, but even if you're not the biggest birding enthusiast, this is still a beautiful part of the country to uncover.

This memorable excursion will see you explore some of the area's highlights, giving you the chance to get up close to beautiful birds and intriguing local culture and activities. Hopping aboard your kayak or canoe, your guide will take you on a cruise through the mangrove-lined tributaries at Tanji Creek, helping you spot the abundance of birdlife and witness local fishermen casting their nets, all before making a little stop in a clearing for some lunch and refreshments. 


Before hopping back in your canoe, there's a second part to the day where your guide will take you out on a forest walk to see what other wildlife you can discover. You'll be out exploring for around an hour, before looping back to the clearing where you'll board your canoes once more and leisurely head back to Tanji Creek. 


This is a fantastic day out for wildlife lovers and those who want to discover the natural beauty of The Gambia away from its picturesque beaches. You can find out more about this day out, along with our variety of other excursions and experiences here


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