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Things to do in The Gambia

From visiting a school or even a crocodile, to relaxing on a deserted beach, The Gambia offers so much to explore beyond your hotel - even if you're all inclusive.
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Tobaski: A Gambia experience

We've made many Gambian friends and a few years ago we were there at the time when the festival of Tobaski was celebrated. This festival commemorates Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his own son.
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Getting married in The Gambia

Coco Ocean’s wedding co-ordinator Mary Dymore-Brown organises her own ceremony in The Gambia, of course there was only one choice for the location of her wedding.
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Birds of Senegal and The Gambia - a Q&A with Nik Borrow

We chat with Nik Borrow, illustrator of a new book on the birds of The Gambia and Senegal.
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