Sustainable Tourism

We at The Gambia Experience have always been aware of the impact of tourism on the immediate and worldwide environment, which is why we’ve always strived to be a ‘green’ company. We continually endeavor to negate any detrimental impacts our business has on our destinations whilst sustaining long term environmental and social benefits.

Whilst we want our customer to relax and enjoy their holidays, we hope that no one would want their enjoyment at the expense of others, or to damage the beautiful areas they visit. We therefore ask you to bear a few things in mind...


Before you go

Learn the Local Language

While English is commonly spoken in the resort areas, locals will always be pleased if you make an effort to speak even a few words in their language. In The Gambia, there are several local languages but the most commonly spoken are Mandinka, Wolof, Fula and Jola. You’ll find a few local phrases in our guide to the Gambia.

Respect local Cultures

Familiarise yourself with the local cultures and traditions. Try to experience the local festivals and take interest in the community in which you are staying.


Leave any unnecessary packaging in the UK and only take essential items with you to reduce pressure on recycling systems. Please note that plastic bags are banned in The Gambia. If you do bring any with you, please, be sure to take them home again.


On Holiday

Respect the Environment and Wildlife

Act responsibly to protect the natural beauty and wildlife of our destinations for future generations to enjoy. Never feed wild animals, including monkeys. The reasons for this are many but include the monkeys seeing humans as a food source and becoming a problem for the local community.

Respect for Others

The Gambia is predominately a Muslim country so please dress modestly, especially away from the main resort areas. 

Please always ask permission when taking photographs.

Respect other guests and locals by keeping noise levels to a minimum at night.

Using Local Restaurants

Our destinations have an excellent selection of good quality restaurants. By eating in local restaurants you are ensuring your visit benefits the wider community.

Spend Your Money Wisely

Make sure your money benefits the local people by buying local products and services. When shopping please refrain from buying items made from ivory, reptile skin, fur or tortoise/turtle shell or any other product that may be sourced from an endangered species.

Preserve Energy

Save energy and the environment by turning off lights, air-conditioning and electrical items when not needed.

Preserve Water

Water is often taken for granted in the western world so it’s important to avoid waste when on holiday.

Please help preserve supplies by:

  • Only leaving dirty towels and laundry on the floor for washing.
  • Turn off dripping taps.
  • Using a basin of water with a plug rather than a running tap.
  • Having a shower instead of bathing in a full tub.
  • Reporting any leaks immediately.

Minimise rubbish

Always dispose of rubbish appropriately. Litter not only looks unpleasant but can also attract vermin and be potentially dangerous to wildlife and people.

End Child Sex Exploitation

This is a problem in many developing countries, so we ask you to report to your representative anything that you consider to be suspicious. All prostitution is illegal and paying anyone under 18 in cash or kind for sexual contact is punishable by both local (14 years imprisonment) and UK laws.


When you return

Contact us

Contact us with any positive or negative issues which you may have encountered in resort affecting the society or environment of the destination.

Please note further information on what else you can do to help you holiday destination will be sent with ticket packs and also available in our accommodations.