Carbon Offset Scheme

As a specialist tour operator with an on-going commitment to sustainable tourism we seek wherever we can to counter the effect our industry has upon the environment. 

Optin & Offset - Carbon Offset Program from The Gambia Experience

As a specialist tour operator with an on-going commitment to Sustainable Tourism, we offer our customers the chance to offset some of the environmental damage aircraft emissions cause. By opting into our Carbon Offset Scheme, your donation will be invested into various projects including community tree planting, solar lighting or low-energy stoves which not only offer carbon benefits but at the same time economically support rural villages.

Although we are currently only collecting monies for projects in The Gambia, we're constantly researching potential projects in other destinations for future initiatives.


Further Information

For more information on these projects or to see how your contribution has made a difference please click the links below:

How it Works

When a booking is made for a holiday or flight, whether it is over the phone, on our website, through a travel agent or by invoice, there will be an option to carbon offset the flight for the additional cost of £5 per person for flights to The Gambia, or Cape Verde or £3 per person for flights to Corsica or Sardinia.

Further information on the scheme will be sent out with the invoices so unless bookings are within 12 weeks of travel, a decision doesn't have to be made straightaway. Paying the offset sum is optional so if a decision is made to opt out the amount is simply deducted from the invoice when payment is made; alternatively this can be done verbally with a sales representative.
Climate change is a worldwide problem and whilst we cannot solve it, we can all pull together to make a difference!