Flights from Banjul

As the largest tour operator to The Gambia, The Gambia Experience maintains its own resort office based at the Senegambia Hotel, which is looked after by Joyce, the Resort Manager, and is manned by a large, experienced and enthusiastic team.

Booking Banjul Originating Seats

You cannot book Banjul originating seats online at present so for availability on our direct, non-stop service and to book please call our Banjul Resort Office on (00220) 446 1104 or, if calling from the UK, our Reservations Department on 01489 866939.

Banjul Resort Office (00220) 446 1104

UK Reservations 01489 866939 | Email reservations


As well as supporting our clients in resort, the resort office is also licensed to sell flights from Banjul to the UK. They are able to offer up-to-date advice on availability and selling prices of our flights. Competitively priced flight tickets originating from Banjul are available ranging from one way to a twelve month return ticket. All our flights are direct and non-stop to London Gatwick.

Banjul Flight Information

Current prices for Summer 2016 as follows (valid from 1st May 2016).

Dalasi £ Sterling Duration Ticket Type
D23,100 £385 One way (Semi Flexible)
D39,900 £665 Up to 1 Month (Semi Flexible)
D39,900 £665 Up to 2 Months (Semi Flexible)
D46,500 £775 Up to 3 Months (Flexible)
D49,500 £825 Up to 6 Months (Flexible)
D55,500 £925 Up to 12 Months (Flexible)

Extra Pricing Information

  • Star Class (Winter 16/17 - from D9,000 (£150) one way / D14,940 (£249) return
  • Star Plus (Winter 16/17 - from D12,000 (£225) one way / D20,940 (£399) return
  • Exit D1,800 (£30) each way / extra space D4,500 (£75) each way
  • Children under 12 - 10% discount (discount does not apply to upgrades).
  • Infant under 2 - D3,480 (£58) - no seat but luggage allowance 10kg
  • Only one infant and one child are permitted per adult.

Prices shown are for Economy class tickets to all UK airports and are inclusive of all taxes, in-flight meals, Airport Development Fee of €20 and Tourism Development Levy (payable on all flights into Banjul).


  • Semi Flexible tickets - Changes made prior to flight departure to semi flexible tickets will be charged at D9,600 (£160).
  • Flexible/Open tickets - may be changed at no charge within validity of ticket. Please note Flexible tickets are not possible from/to Birmingham
  • Travellers missing their flight / refused at check–in or boarding for any reasons, must purchase a new ticket.

Flights to The Gambia

Check flight availability from the UK to The Gambia by using the 'Flight Only' tab on the booking engine.