Guide to Senegal

A warm welcome, beautiful unspoilt beaches, incredible wildlife and a delicious French-influenced cuisine awaits...

Luxurious Lamantin Beach Resort & Spa, Saly in Senegal

Saly and La Somone

The former Portuguese trading post of Saly is now a laid-back seaside resort with wide, golden sand beaches and a range of restaurants, shops and bars. The smaller neighbouring resort of La Somone is in an idyllic location by a sleepy lagoon.

Fathala Wildlife Reserve Animals

Sine Saloum South

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sine Saloum Delta is an area of great ecological diversity and a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. At Fathala Wildlife Reserve, many animals that had once been lost have now been reintroduced, including zebras and giraffes.

La Paillote Village Hotel


Picture long stretches of deserted white sand beaches, backed by palm trees and rice paddies. The influence of the French is strong here, especially when it comes to the cuisine and it's a haven for bird lovers, an unspoilt paradise barely touched by tourism.

About Senegal

Discover more about Senegal's history, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and things to see and do including birdwatching and fishing.

Infinity pool at Les Manguiers de Guéréo

Senegal Hotels

Whether you're combining a short stay in Senegal with a holiday in The Gambia or staying a little longer, we have a lovely range of hotels in three different regions of Senegal.

Les Palétuivers Boutique Hotel

Travel Information

Information about flights, visas and innoculations you may need before visiting Senegal.