Resort Areas

Many of the main resort areas have been noted on the Resort Areas page. However, there are other areas that are well worth exploring should you have the chance during your holiday. 


The most established resort area in The Gambia, Kololi boasts its own 'strip', packed with plenty of restaurants and bars and even a few nightclubs. The area is frequented by both locals and tourists and has a fabulous atmosphere. If you are looking for an evening meal there is a vast array of cuisines to choose from. With plenty to do in the area, it is a great choice for an area to stay in. The beaches outside Senegambia Hotel, Kairaba and Holiday Beach Club are wonderful long stretches of golden sand, perfect for a relaxing afternoon in the African sunshine.



This area has seen some fantastic development over the last few years, a vibrant resort in The Gambia with new bars and restaurants opening, as well as hotel restaurants that are open to the public. Popular hotels in the area include Kombo Beach Hotel, a popular choice without customers that boasts a stunning stretch of beach right on the doorstep. There is a busy craft market in the area as well, perfect for perusing and finding your holiday souvenirs, and searching for homemade woodwork items and batiks. There is a golf course nearby too, speak to a local representative during your stay to arrange a taxi to the course.



This is a popular residential area for Gambians and expatriates, There are modern and exclusive building in this area that is also home to the British Embassy. In between Kotu and Bakau is host to a number of excellent restaurants and is home to Ngala Lodge, a wonderful hotel, whose fabulous restaurant is open to the public.


South Kotu

This expanding resort area is home to a great range of new hotels, a small selection of bars and some restaurants. Leading down to the beach you'll find a lovely ice-cream parlour and beach bars on the beautiful beach. Across Kotu stream, is the slightly larger area of Kotu itself, just a 10-minute drive from South Kotu.



This bustling town is a bundle of small dirt roads and a great area to explore for a true experience of real Africa. With a selection of restaurants serving traditional Gambian dishes, interspersed with supermarkets, banks, post office and the Kachikally Crocodile pool. In this area is a great craft market, as well as a fruit and vegetable market, perfect for a peruse. The red rock cliffs are a beautiful view and it is interspersed with wonderful beaches. Take care when swimming in this area.



Makasutu is home to Mandina Lodges, a unique hotel in the heart of the countryside, sitting along the River Gambia. This is a wonderful hotel to stay in with plenty of excursions and wildlife opportunities. Find out more about Mandina Lodges here. 

The Makasutu Cultural Forest is also in the area and is well worth an explore if you are in this area. The guides at the hotel have an extensive knowledge of the flora and fauna and there is the opportunity to spot baboons, birds and other species. 


Cape Point

The beach in this area is excellent, it holds great appeal for tourists staying in the area and there are a number of restaurants and bars to enjoy. Bright and colourful craft markets line the streets, whilst a mini market and taxi rank are useful for those staying in the nearby hotels. Calypso bar and restaurant is located in this area and is a popular eatery with our customers. There is a small lake next to the restaurant, allowing guests to enjoy views of crocodiles whilst they enjoy their meal! From here, Bakau is just a 10-minute walk away.



Although there is very little within this area, that is what draws many tourists to the area. About five minutes away from Kololi, there aren't any restaurants or bars to disturb the peace. The stretch of beach along this area is home to a few beach bars and is lovely and quiet. The odd fruit seller can be seen along the beach and a few small hotels, perfect for relaxing.



Situated around 10 minutes from Kololi, slightly inland from the coastal road, the area is home to a main street with a market and government offices. This is a fast-developing area with highly developed infrastructure. The area is known as a private residential area home to private villas. The area is within easy reach of the capital and the economic centre. The area is home to the lovely boutique hotel Leo's Beach Hotel.



The Tanji reserve and the Tanji shore are Government protected conservation areas, there are excellent birding opportunities within the area and numerous species can be spotted. The coastal woodland, open grassland and shore, provide a great cross-section of habitats for Vieillot's Barbet, African Golden Oriole, Northern Crombec, Variable Sunbird, Double-spurred Francolin and many more.