Solar power comes to the village of Jafai Kuta

Updated on May 08, 2017 by Kathryn Burrington

Blog > Solar power comes to the village of Jafai Kuta

Excitement is in the air when light comes to the village of Jafai Kuta.

Earlier today in the village of Jafai Kuta the excitement was palpable, and when a 4 x 4 approached carrying representatives from ComAfrique Inversol Initiative arrived, they received the warmest of welcomes.

Above and below: The village of Jafai Kuta welcome the team from ComAfrique Inversol Initiative

What was the excitement all about?


Flip a switch in the developed world and light is ours. We take it for granted. It could be said to be a human right. Just like the air we breath and the water we drink.

Not so in the developing world. With access to light, students can study and learn.

With access to light a community feels safer.

With access to safe light, rather than candles or kerosene lamps, fewer people will grow up with scars caused by fire - both those that can be seen and those on the inside, following the loss of a loved one.

Fewer people will suffer respiratory and sight problems which prolonged exposure to candles can cause.

Children born at night can be born in the light.

No wonder that the people of Jafai Kuta are excited.

Solar powered light comes to Jafai Kuta in The Gambia

Below: The villagers help charge up their new solar-powered lights

Above: the villagers celebrating earlier today



Thanks to The Rotary Club of Boston-St.Botolph, who donated £1,408 to our Community Development Fund the village of Jafai Kuta, that’s 225 people, now have access to solar-powered light, implemented by ComAfrique Inversol Initiative.


The first light is switched on in Jafai Kuta



As of today the village of Jafai Kuta now has safe, solar-powered light. How fantastic.


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