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With direct flights to The Gambia operating throughout the winter, we're delighted to be able to offer our customers the chance to visit this stunning country.

What airlines go to The Gambia and where can I fly from?

We provide the option to fly from three UK airports directly to The Gambia during the winter months – award-winning Titan Airways departing from London Gatwick and Enter Air departing from Manchester.

A bit more about the airlines

Titan Airways

Prestigious charter airline Titan Airways has been in partnership with us since 2015. Titan pride themselves on their high standard of customer service and punctuality and have gained an excellent reputation in both the travel industry and its customers alike. Flights to the Gambia with Titan Airways will either be on the A320 aircraft, used for the majority of departures, or the B767 aircraft, which will only operate when an increased number of seats is required to meet demand. Both aircrafts offer complimentary soft drinks and in-flight meals and entertainment, making for an ideal start and end to your holiday.

Enter Air

Enter Air is a Polish airline and is part of our winter programme. They have been operating in the UK market for several years and we charter a Boeing 737-800 from Manchester. Like Titan Airways, Enter Air have a 20kg luggage allowance and whilst in-flight catering is chargeable and the experience on board is not necessarily to the standard of Titan in respect of service and facilities, we promise a comfortable journey to The Gambia.



How long is the flight to The Gambia? 

With a flight time of just six hours from London to Banjul, it's a fairly convenient way of finding some winter sun without having to travel halfway across the world. There's also no time difference throughout the winter, and just one hour's difference during the summer, so none of your holiday will be wasted recovering from jet lag. 

Flying in style and added extras

Throughout the winter on Titan Airways' flights, we offer an exclusive upgraded flight service called Star Class or Star Plus. With Star Class, you can take advantage of a 2-2 seat configuration on the plane, access to Gatwick's No.1 Executive Lounge in the UK, extra luggage allowance in both the hold and cabin and priority boarding; plus much more.

For an even more superior experience, Star Plus is the top level of upgrade available, where you'll get all the benefits of Star Class, plus additional legroom, extra luggage and private transfers.                                           

                                         Find out more about flight upgrades


Above: Gatwick No.1 Lounge


A winter break  

If you're craving a long break from daily life and want to escape the cold weather this winter, The Gambia is the perfect destination and offers a choice of holiday to suit everyone; from luxurious and indulgent relaxation to active, unique experiences. With temperatures reaching an average of 33 degrees at this time of year, you can soak up the winter sun and relax on the uncrowded beaches of Africa's west coast or join one of our amazing tours and immerse yourself into Gambian culture and its people.

If you have any questions on booking a flight or holiday to The Gambia, you can call our knowledgeable reservations team on 01489 866939 or take a look at our FAQs section

                                       Explore winter holidays in The Gambia

If you have any questions on booking a flight or holiday to The Gambia, you can call our knowledgeable reservations team on 01489 866939 or take a look at our FAQs section


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