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The Djembe, the rhythm of West Africa

One reason I enjoy visiting The Gambia so much is the vibrant musical tradition found there, especially is the rhythm of the djembes.
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5 authentic experiences to enjoy in The Gambia

Seek to experience the real character and identity of The Gambia during your holiday by engaging with the authentic side of the country.
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An exciting new school in The Gambia

Earlier this year the Amadu Bansang Jobarteh School of Music opened its doors to the first of its pupils. During my last trip to The Gambia, I paid them a visit.
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Review: 6 Tours in 1 Excursion

Markets, wrestling, crocodiles and beautiful beaches, the 6 Tours in 1 Excursion is a fabulous introduction to Gambian life and culture.
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Sona Jobarteh's Single Dedicated to The Gambia Released Today

Earlier this year, musician Sona Jobarteh, from London, announced the coming of a new song and video to be dedicated to her ancestral home, The Gambia, which she works hard to promote.
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The krin, the African log drum

Thanks to Chris Sylla for this, the third in a series of features about traditional West African musical instruments found in The Gambia.
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Traditional Gambian Food and Drink

Delight your taste buds and expand your culinary experiences in The Gambia.
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A sense of community

Guest author, Rhiannon Lewis, reflects on things she learnt during 3 months living in The Gambia, working at Lemon Creek Hotel.
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Futampaf, a traditional Jola initiation festival

Kathryn from our marketing department was invited by the Camarra family to a very important event - the initiation of their sons.
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