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Holidays at Palma Rima Hotel

Rejoining our holiday programme, Palma Rima is a charming hotel perfect for guests looking for a fun, action-packed holiday.
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Luxury holidays in The Gambia in pictures

At The Gambia Experience, we're proud of our superb and diverse Luxury Holiday collection, so we thought we'd share an insight into what makes them special.
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Budgeting for your holiday in The Gambia

With our all-inclusive holidays and dining packages, budgeting for your holiday in The Gambia may be easier than you think.
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Why The Gambia is the ideal value for money holiday

We discuss why The Gambia is a fantastic value for money holiday destination, making it a great alternative to destinations across Europe.
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Staying all-inclusive in The Gambia

Looking for a holiday with all the trimmings? Our all inclusive holidays to The Gambia are there to make sure your trip is as memorable and care-free as you always imagined…
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