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Stunning ocean view dining in The Gambia

What could be more romantic than a meal for two, with a view of the ocean under the stars? The Gambia has lovely warm evenings, great for dining al fresco.
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The Gambia's Food & Beverage Festival 2017

If you’re in The Gambia between the 5th and 6th of May, be sure to check this out...
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Calypso Beach Bar and Restaurant, Cape Point

One of my favourites beach bars come restaurants to visit in The Gambia, Calypso is in an idyllic spot, surrounded by wildlife, by Cape Point Beach.
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The mouth-watering food at Ngala Lodge

We showcase the delicious food served at Ngala Lodge's famous restaurant under the guidance of chef Jonathan Groves.
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Baobab smoothie recipe

Find out more about baobab and Aduna, a company who's mission is to create demand for under-utilised natural products from small producers in rural Africa.
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El Sol, the only Mexican restaurant in The Gambia

We visit El Sol, The Gambia's only Mexican restaurant, to see what all the fuss is about an get a taste of some quality international food.
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Traditional Gambian Food and Drink

Delight your taste buds and expand your culinary experiences in The Gambia.
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Review: Cooking with Ida - Fish Benachin

Kathryn, one of our Gambian Experts, reviews her experience of 'Cooking With Ida', a popular excursion which offers a great insight into Gambian life.
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