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Updated on Jun 28, 2023 by Stacey Parsons

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Here we share some of our favourite photography of the birdlife in The Gambia. What will you get the opportunity to see when you visit?

With over 600+ species to witness, The Gambia is a fantastic destination for keen or amateur birders. To give you just a small flavour of what you could see when you head out with your binoculars, here's our top 10 birdlife photos in The Gambia... 

1. Little Bee Eaters

Image credit, Chris Packham

2. Black Kite

​Image credit, Chris Packham 

3. Hooded Vulture

​Image credit, Chris Packham 

4. Black Egret

Image credit, Chris Packham  

5. Yellow-bill Stock

Image credit, Chris Packham 

6. Black Wing Stilt

Image credit, Chris Packham 

7. Greater Painted Snipe

​Image credit, Chris Packham 

8. Hammerkop

Image credit, Chris Murphy

9. Red-billed Firefinch

Image credit, Chris Packham

10. Short-toed Eagle

Image credit, Chris Packham 


To find out more about birdwatching in The Gambia, visit our birdwatching holidays page


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