Cooking up a storm in The Gambia

‘Cooking with Ida’ is a popular excursion with our guests and it was a great hit with the #BlogGambia bloggers who all loved visiting Tanji fish market, as well as the cooking itself.

Here’s some of their great images, video and posts from the day…


by Kathryn Burrington, Travel With Kat

by Kathryn Burrington, Travel With Kat

Tanji Fish Market

First stop was the market in Tanji where we watch the boats unload while Ida selects the freshest fish and all the other ingredients that we will need.


by Simon Falvo, Wild About Travel

“When my travel companions told me it was time to go back at Ida’s place for the cooking class, I didn’t want to leave.

For as much as I was keen to learn about traditional Gambian cuisine, I could have spent hours at the fish market, just watching the bustle, taking photos and enjoying moments of pure harmony.” Simon Falvo

I think Simon really fell in love with The Gambia, if she wasn’t already, when we visited this fishing village. I could see it in her face. She was mesmerised by all the colours and action as you will see if you read her post A Symphony of Colours at Tanji Fish Market.


by Iain Mallory, Mallory on Travel

Iain’s post A Passion for Pirogues; Wolves of the Waves is a fascinating look at the life of the fishermen in The Gambia and the colourful pirogues that prowl the coastline.

Cooking with Ida

The first group of bloggers cooked Fish Benechin, a delicious spicy dish and a week later, the second group Domada, a peanut based treat! Both are often found on restaurant menus and if you visit someones home you may well be offered one of these traditional West African meals. In fact, one day a few years ago, while I was  visiting a number of different friends, I was offered domada four times on the trot. It would have been rude to say no so I had a little in each home but it did start to feel like a certain Christmas episode of the Vicar of Dibley!

Monica has written a great post about the day, A Gambian Cooking Class with Ida, including the recipe for fish benechin. “Ida welcomed us like old friends as she ushered us into her courtyard where she had a surprise waiting. Two rails of bright clothes stood on rails and she directed the men towards one and the women towards another. Yes, we were dressing up in traditional Gambian clothing and in the style that most people still dress. I asked Ida to pick out an outfit for me and, after a lot of help to get dressed, I ended up looking like this..”


from Monica’s blog, The Travel Hack

Jayne, was with the second group of bloggers and you can read her slant on the experience and see more great photos in her post The Gambian Cooking Experience.


by Jayne Gorman, 40 Before 30

Lastly, here’s a short video from my post on Travel With Kat.

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