Senegal Seduces the Media

Since its first season of operation (08/09), The Senegal Experience has attracted considerable media interest. Here you can share the personal experiences of top travel writers.

Your Experience Magazine

Extract taken from Alex Spence’s travel article, as featured on Times Online from 13 October 2009

"...There is a surprising variety of things for tourists to see and do, whether you're in the mood for relaxing in a hammock on a beach or something more adventurous. In a week-and-ahalf, we cruised through crocodile-infested wetlands, drank tea with shepherds and slept in tents in the desert. We visited lively urban markets and isolated nomad camps — and, yes, there was some beach time, too. It was just the sort of raw, authentic experience that we'd hoped we would get in Africa..."

Your Experience Magazine

Extract taken from Tony Dawe’s travel article, as featured in The Times newspaper & Times Online on 21 October 2009

"...Behind an endless stretch of sandy beaches bordering the Atlantic is a network of slow-flowing rivers, lined by mangrove swamps, and gently rippling lagoons with baobab trees, like illustrations from a Roald Dahl book, dotted along the shores. This is a land where vehicles are replaced by horse-drawn buggies and pirogues, the rickety wooden boats powered by a single white sail and a paddle, expertly handled by local fishermen..."


Your Experience Magazine

Extract taken from Martin Symington’s travel article, as featured in the October 09 edition of Wanderlust magazine

"...this world seemed to come magically alight whenever we stopped at roadside markets to be greeted by women wearing boubous and headdresses made of eye-bursting fabrics… We also deviated off the main highway to weave through a baobab forest… These enormous, upside-down-looking trees with hollow trunks are sacred to the local Serer ethnic group, as Yamar explained: “Spirits live within the baobabs, and sorcerers find inspiration among them..."

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