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What the Gambia Offers
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What The Gambia Offers

The Gambia has a good deal to offer everyone - from those seeking a quiet beach holiday, to those after something a little more adventurous. Plus it's very warm, year round, relatively inexpensive and is only 6 hours away with no time difference...

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Although when lying on the beach or relaxing by the pool you could be in any tropical destination, it is also easy to experience the local culture and feel as though you’ve truly arrived in Africa.

Travel to rural villages to watch palm-wine tappers, drive through the African bush to hear the monkeys chattering and watch flocks of colourful birds fly overhead; even from the comfort of your hotel you can listen to the drums of local entertainers and watch incredible energetic dancing. For first time visitors to Africa The Gambia is a good introduction as it is English-speaking, flights are approximately six hours with no jetlag and the hotels are all fairly close to the airport so transfers are also short.

However, The Gambia isn’t right for everyone and it is important to know what to expect and choose the right location – that’s where we can help. People travelling to a developing country for the first time can find it a culture shock – there is poverty and begging but there is also genuine hospitality and you will meet some of the friendliest people on Earth.

Outside the hotels and on the beaches there are Gambians selling fruit, nuts and handicrafts but it is the ones trying to work as unofficial guides or “bumsters” that can become a nuisance. Again, we try to prepare everyone with advice in our guides and welcome meetings on the best way to deal with them – you will soon realise that there’s no need to worry.

The population of The Gambia is mostly Muslim, although there is a small number of Christians who live alongside them in peace – even intermarrying. Other cultures are accepted and alcohol is served in the hotels, restaurants and shops – the country even has its own brewery. Although tolerant, we do ask clients to adopt a modest standard of dress when outside the hotels, particularly in more rural areas. The festival of Ramadan lasts for one month from 9th July 2013 and from 27th June 2014.

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