This is a resort area that has really developed over the past couple of years with a number of new bars and restaurants being built.


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About Kotu

Kotu boasts some excellent hotels, with Kombo Beach dominating the beach front. There is also the quieter charm of Bakotu and the popular Bungalow Beach. The area also has a busy and boisterous craft market in which you can find batiks and all manner of superb wood carvings.

Kotu has a number of good restaurants including the excellent Sailor's which is along the beach from Bungalow. Past the Bungalow Beach hotel there are also now a couple of beach bars and the golf course is also nearby.


Another wide sandy beach which is fairly flat although not a very deep beach in terms of distance to the ocean. The area outside the Sunset Beach can change quite dramatically depending on the direction of the Kotu stream.

Kotu Stream

The Kotu area is very fertile thanks to the presence of the Kotu stream and consequently harbours an astonishingly wide range of bird species. The bridge over the stream is a legendary spot from which to watch birds, and it is said that you can spot up to 100 species in a day, though this remains a currently unclaimed rumour. Whatever the truth, you can comfortably stand here all day and see all manner of waders, kingfishers, birds of prey and great clouds of whistling ducks as they fly from their roosts out to sea. There are always plenty of government-sponsored guides on hand as well, all prepared to show you around the area and impart their considerable birding wisdom.

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