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Gambia Guide

The Gambia is a great destination for a winter sun holiday, not least because it is outside of the Eurozone! In fact the exchange rate for the Dalasi to the Pound is virtually the same as what it was 2 years ago, meaning your spending money still goes a long, long way!

Whilst The Gambia is one of the smallest countries in Africa it has a rich and varied history and a wide range of landscapes all of which are worth seeing in your time there. The Gambia’s small size and the willingness of the people to help generally means all these places are readily accessible and you'll find you are welcomed with open arms.

When you’re planning for a holiday in Gambia or are actually in the country itself, it could be easy, once you’re caught up in the blissful ease of beach life, to forget you’re actually in Africa! Well if you’ve come this far why not see more of the country and explore its fascinating culture, history and landscape?

Our Guide to The Gambia

General Information

Find out about The Gambia, including its history, language and climate.


Out & About

Although The Gambia is a small country there are many varied and interesting places to visit.



We've put together a guide to help you easily find the types of restaurants best suited to you during your stay.


Resort Areas

Find your way around The Gambia through out resort areas.


General Maps

Whilst The Gambia is a relatively easy country to navigate it pays to know where you’re going!


Places to Visit

Although The Gambia is a small country there are many varied and interesting places to visit..

Map of The Gambia


Please use the following maps to find out more information...



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