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Gambia Charity Directory

With an overwhelming number of organisations supporting so many worthwhile causes in the Gambia, The Gambia Experience have decided to set up a charity directory where these projects can showcase their valuable work. Search through our A to Z guide to learn about each organisation and follow their web links to learn more. Please get in touch if you'd like more information or you'd like to be added to our directory.


Contact: Di Miles afrikayathecharity@gmail.com

Afrikaya was formed in 2007. Objective: to help a community that lives a hand to mouth existence, to take control of their lives and end their poverty through education. Sustainability and longevity are key to the charity’s ethos.
Following consultation with the local community in New Yundum, the centre will incorporate a four classroom nursery school, medical centre, adult skills centre, and community centre. Our aim is enable the community to self-fund the running of this centre.

To date we have done the following:

  • Carefully chosen the community to support and set up a local committee of parents.
  • Bought land to build on.
  • Sunk a bore hole to supply water with a solar powered pump.
  • Built foundations for the centre.
  • Built walls of the classrooms using eco-friendly compressed earth bricks.

Next stage: put a roof on before the rainy season arrives.

Visit Website: www.afrikaya.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/58679098668/?ref=ts&fref=ts

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNpmrsmyOLU


The Derek Bailey Foundation

Registered charity number - 1079472

A registered charity since March 2000 but have been working since 1994 towards providing better facilities in health and education for the rural village of Nyofelleh which is located in the southern region of Gunjur The Gambia.
The first project was a school for younger children of Primary and Junior School age now attended by over 500 pupils and we went on to provide a clinic, full time staff, ambulance and pharmacy, solar panels for light/power, water pump and storage. Our current projects include the provision of fresh drinking water & toilets for the school, a wall to keep animals out of the school gardens, basic medicines, clinic staff salaries and accommodation for visiting doctor. Full details are available at our web site.

Visit Website: www.derek-bailey-foundation.org


Bansang Hospital Appeal

Registered charity number - 1064469

The Bansang Hospital Appeal (BHA) was formed in 1992. Bansang hospital serves a population of 600,000. We supplement the Governments efforts assisting through the provision of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, humanitarian aid, and sponsorship and training of staff. BHA have constructed an 80 bed solar powered children’s unit, refurbished 43 bed female ward, dedicated obstetric theatre, renovation and build of the labour/maternity wards and main operating theatres. Retention of staff is an urgent requirement and key to the ongoing success of the hospital. We are addressing this urgent need in phases, the current capital expenditure projects focussing upon the provision of decent staff accommodation. We have refurbished 27 staff homes, renovated an old colonial house within the grounds that provides 12 bed sitting rooms/2 guest suites, multi purpose community hall and a library. The BHA places a keen emphasis upon long-term project sustainability.

Visit Website: www.bansanghospitalappeal.org


The Bantaba Project

Registered charity number - 1142446

The Bantaba Project has been set up as charitable company both in the UK and The Gambia. As a not for profit organisation our aim is to deliver a permanent and sustainable self-supporting teaching, training and community centre for people of The Gambia of any age and ability. In essence the project will focus on helping people to help themselves, empowering communities through education and training workshops, to benefit, disadvantaged people in the community by tackling issues of illiteracy, special needs, ill-health and poverty. A community centre will provide opportunities for learning skills and developing those skills to produce products and services within identified markets. Trade of these will therefore be the catalyst for improved living conditions. The project will directly benefit those that participate in the project and their extended families, which will allow indirect benefits to spread throughout the village community. The centre will also be able to accommodate visitors, teachers and students from all over the world, who may arrive to help within the centre, teach their skills or to learn about African life at grassroots level.

Visit Website: www.thebantabaproject.org/

Email: admin@thebantabaproject.org


Building Futures in The Gambia

Building Futures in The Gambia (BFiG) has evolved through the collaboration of teachers, schools, teacher trainees and school children in the UK. Over many years, travelling to The Gambia, members of BFiG have explored and investigated the Global Dimension within education. They have met with, and continue to regularly talk with Ministers, Head Teachers, Teachers and pupils in The Gambia to identify needs and prioritise areas for action.

Led by experienced teachers, with knowledge gained from over a decade of work in the Gambia, the BFiG is currently embarking on a portfolio of sustainable initiatives. As a relatively small organisation, our aim is to ensure every pound, euro, cent and yen is directed in the most sustainable and cost effective way possible.

Visit Website: http://www.buildingfuturesinthegambia.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gambiaschoolsproject/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/exploregambia

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/mc1900mc/videos


Child Aid Gambia

Tel: 01296 615989

Child Aid Gambia is a small charity which was set up in 2011, with the aim of improving the lives of children and families in the Gambia who live in poverty and are suffering extreme hardship. Child Aid Gambia does this by providing financial support for needy children, supplying vital clothing and footwear, books and writing materials, organising sponsorship for school age children. Education is seen by the Gambians as the only real way out of the poverty trap. We also raise money for digging wells in areas which have no access to clean drinking water.

Visit Website: www.childaidgambia.org

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Child-Aid-Gambia/200670733393274



Dance2Learn.org, run by Lucy Ibbetson & Mei Catherall, was set up in 2007 as a charitable company under the umbrella of www.SalsaSource.org.uk to improve the school lives of pupils at Jamisa Basic School, Brikama. This project has seen water & electricity brought in to the school. The school has made tremendous leaps in the education league table in The Gambia.
D2L have also been involved in helping the WHO to eradicate malaria through fund-raising to provide mosquito nets.
Our latest project is to provide WakaWaka Solar Lighting to students so that they are able to carry on the good work

Visit Website: www.Dance2Learn.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dance2learn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dance2Learn


First Aid 4 Gambia

Registered charity number - SC040837

First Aid 4 Gambia is a young charity registered in September 2009 which aims to give children in Gambia access to basic healthcare.
Our outreach programme runs from November to April each year focusing on nursery schools, where training and first aid supplies are delivered.
We now deal with 60 schools which have over 12,000 pupils. Every year we put about 600 teachers, assistants and community members through a UK standard First Aid course and ensure that adequate supplies are available. What we take for granted here can make a huge difference in Gambia.

Visit Website: www.firstaid4gambia.org


Friends of The Gambia Association (FoTGA)

Registered charity number - 1051745

Friends of The Gambia Association (FoTGA) is a UK non-profit charity sponsoring children's Education, Building Schools and small Medical facilities, in The Gambia,West Africa. Our committee work voluntarily in the UK. We have an office in The Gambia where we employ 2 Gambian staff to run our day to day duties. Committee members help the running of the office from the UK and on their holidays to The Gambia. Our constituently aims are the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the people of The Gambia by: Relieving poverty, Alleviating pain and suffering and advancing education. Money raised for FoTGA goes towards our work to improve the education, health and prosperity of people in The Gambia. Education is an issue in The Gambia. There is a free state education system for grades 1-6 only. This is for basic literacy and numeracy only and school lunches are not provided. We provide a sponsor programme to help educate Gambian children. Please contact our sponsorship team ( sponsorship@fotga.org.uk ) should you wish to sponsor a child. We also fund building projects. Our current project is a new medical centre in Bakdindik in the North Bank region. In The Gambia 105 of every 1000 children die before they reach their 5th birthday. In the UK that stat is 5 in every 1000. To help us with this project please contact ( projects@fotga.org.uk ).

Visit Website: www.fotga.org.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-Of-The-Gambia-Association/138040459592159?ref=ts&fref=ts


Football Gambia

Registered charity number - 1138524

Football Gambia is a registered non-profit UK Charity, we use football as a vehicle to development communities, schools and grassroots football clubs across The Gambia. The main goal is to develop communities to be more sustainable, and to ensure that children and young people from the Gambia get the highest quality life experiences before they reach adulthood. We provide educational materials, text books, notepads, pencils etc to nurseries and schools, all over the country, providing the children with the 'right tools' to enhance their education. As a bonus, we also provide the children with quality football equipment and they receive professional football coaching.

Visit Website: www.footballgambia.org


Please note we are merely acting as point of contact and are in no way responsible for the actions of the individual organisations involved.

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